How Much CBD Can Your Dog Have at Once?

CBD is a great way to help your dog with a variety of health conditions, but it's important to understand the correct dosage for your pet. Because potencies vary depending on the CBD product, it's essential to read the label to determine how much CBD can be offered. To calculate the amount of CBD your dog should consume, you should first consider its weight. A safe rule of thumb is 0.2 mg of CBD per pound.

For most medium-sized dogs, a dose of 5 mg of CBD per day should be sufficient. The maximum dose of CBD for a dog weighing less than 30 pounds is about 20 mg per day. The general rule for a starting dose for dogs is 1 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of animal weight, twice daily. To control pain, give it every 8 hours or as needed.

For other uses, administer once or twice daily. If your dog takes any prescription medication, be sure to tell them about your plans to add CBD oil to your pet's routine. First, each company's dosage guidelines can vary widely because the concentration of CBD varies in the oils they produce. Sometimes, you'll need to choose a more potent option to make your dog's supplementation affordable in the long term.

CBD candies for dogs are an excellent alternative because they come in a fixed dose and it's easy to regulate the amount of CBD your pet takes. For example, a 50-pound dog that you plan to administer CBD twice a day would start with 10 mg of CBD per dose for a total of 20 mg of CBD per day. You can buy CBD products online or without a prescription, since CBD is not considered a controlled substance. The size of a single serving of CBD for dogs is usually ½ to 1 ml, so if a bottle contains 30 ml of CBD oil, it has between 30 and 60 servings per bottle. Before we dive deeper into the dosage guidelines, here are some of the health conditions that CBD can help treat in your dog: pain relief, anxiety relief, seizure prevention, and cancer treatment.

The doses of CBD candies are not yet standardized, so always check the manufacturer's dosage recommendations before giving your dog CBD-infused treats. We recommend giving your dog CBD 2 times a day, 4 to 8 hours between servings, for at least 3 days to get a good baseline. Usually, when you buy CBD oil for your pets, you can find it available in 150 mg, 300 mg and 600 mg bottles. That said, the amount of CBD oil you should give your dog will depend on the severity of the symptoms you're experiencing. Finding the right dose of any medication is crucial for your dog, as their systems are more sensitive than humans. Generally, the best way to measure the correct dose of CBD for your dog is to perform trial and error and monitor the effects for a week, readjusting the dose if necessary.

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