How Long Does CBD Last After Taking It?

CBD is a popular natural remedy used for many common ailments. But how long does it last after taking it? Everyone is different, but in general, the effects of CBD oil last between two and six hours. The duration of the effects depend on many different factors, such as the intensity of the CBD content, the method of ingestion, and the frequency of use. When talking about how long CBD can stay in your system, it's important to remember that it really depends on the frequency of use.

If you take CBD regularly or only occasionally, it can remain in your system for up to 85 hours or about 3.5 days.


is usually only detected in plasma for about five hours after taking it. However, the metabolites of THC and, therefore, CBD may be present for up to one week. To sleep, CBD should be taken approximately one hour before bedtime, but this will depend on how quickly the CBD works.

The key benefits of transdermal CBD are that it allows easy administration and bypasses the intestine, degrading CBD and leaving lower bioavailability. People often drink gummies on an empty stomach to try to improve the speed at which CBD passes through the system. Different consumption methods go through different biological systems with different forces that influence how quickly CBD reaches the bloodstream to induce its effects. Applying CBD under the tongue can be a way to ingest CBD with slightly faster and stronger effects than edibles.

Smoking CBD can result in a bioavailability of approximately 31%, while vaping can reach a whopping 70%. After eating a high-fat meal, there are usually higher levels of CBD in the bloodstream, which extends its half-life than in people who consume CBD while fasting. When buying CBD tinctures (or any other CBD oil-based product), start with a lower concentration of CBD and follow the instructions recommended by the product. It can be difficult to determine how much CBD you should take, since CBD is not currently regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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