Will Taking CBD Oil Lead to a Positive Drug Test?

Yes, the use of CBD products may appear in a drug test. Specifically, the use of full-spectrum CBD products that contain small amounts of THC may show up in workplace drug testing. However, CBD in isolated form won't be detected by a drug test, since it's not what the test is looking for. LabCorp, a drug testing company, now has a test that can determine the ratio of CBD and THC metabolites in your system. Most workplace drug tests are designed to detect THC and other illegal drugs, so the chances are good that taking CBD oil or a CBD tincture will not lead to a failed drug test.

CBD is a complex area to explore, but with the right knowledge and tools, you can avoid any issues with THC-contaminated CBD oil. Since CBD is federally legal and doesn't artificially affect or improve sports performance, there's no reason why organizations should test for it. You can also point out that most employers don't test for any opioid pain relievers and that there's no risk of overdosing on CBD, but CBD users still have to worry about getting fired. Unfortunately, it's not easy for consumers to be sure how much THC is in a particular CBD product. It's best to report your CBD status to your human resources department or the body administering the test, just to be safe.

Even some CBD suppliers who are aware of their responsibility when making claims have said that isolated, broad-spectrum CBD products are not at risk of testing positive during workplace drug testing. As CBD becomes more widespread and accepted, many questions have been raised about whether it will appear in a drug test. When the Food and Drug Administration tested several CBD products, approximately 70% contained more or less CBD than advertised, while some did not contain any at all. It's best to report your CBD status to your human resources department, trainers, or the body administering the test, just to be sure. Unfortunately, avoiding THC isn't as easy as choosing pure CBD isolates without THC or broad-spectrum CBD.

Finally, if you take a drug test while taking CBD oil, make sure you have a plan for talking to your human resources department and your primary care doctor, and keep receipts for your legal purchases of CBD oil. CBD consumption can lead to a positive drug test result if the product consumed contains higher THC levels than indicated on the label - an issue that is not as uncommon as you might think.

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